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Bioregional Education Program:

San Francisco Bay Area

Planet Drum Foundationís Bioregional Education Program includes educational and hands-on components.  Field trips and workshops guide adults, students, and teachers exploring and learning about the SF Bay Area. The program provides a whole systems (bioregional) approach to identifying and understanding Northern California's unique ecological qualities. Emphasis is on:

  • observation and mapping natural characteristics,
  • exploring what makes Northern California distinct,
  • discussion of the interrelationships of natural systems, and may include
  • hands-on restoration work or a walk through the site. 

Participants gain an understanding of what we must do, individually and collectively, to restore and maintain healthy natural systems in San Francisco and the Bay Area. BEP workshops and events can be arranged for schools, non-profit organizations, businesses, volunteer groups, and the general public. To arrange a special event for your group, please contact mail@planetdrum.org or call (408) 285-6556.

Ecuador Bioregional Education Program

Various bioregional education programs have been carried out in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador as part of Planet Drum's Eco-Ecuador Project. They have included in-school and after-school programs, including field trips. Currently, various schools in Bahia bring students to Planet Drum's greenhouse for educational field trips. Click here for more information.

A study-abroad program for college students is available. Click here for more information.

Index of Bioregional + Education Curricula and Essays:

Various  educational curricula, reports, and writings are posted throughout this website.

Click here for an index of all bioregional educational materials on this website



Last updated: 20 Aug 2018