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Recent Postings (What's New)

Current Listings (2019)

Jan 30, 2019 — Added David Simpson's latest report from the COP 24 United Nations climate change conference that was held in Katowice, Poland, this past December. We now have a comprehensive index to all of David's past reports from UN Climate Change conferences.

Listings from 2018

Nov 8, 2018 — Updated "Study Abroad" flyer for the Eco-Ecuador Project.

Nov 11, 2018 — Updated several hyperlinks to Ecuador “Latest Report” on the home page and the Eco-Ecuador page.

Sep 27, 2018 — Links to the Eco-Ecuador (archives) Index were updated on the projects page.

Sep 25, 2018 — Two changes to the Energy Xchange page: an updated description of the Shasta Bioregion map, and a revised Energy Xchange coupon.

Sep 21, 2018 — Updates to the Current Projects page.

Sep 21, 2018 — The Events page was updated to include information on the current Library exhibit.

Sep 21, 2018 — Planet Drum membership info was updated with a Facebook link.

Sep 10, 2018 — Changes made to the Projects Page.

Sep 7, 2018 — Continued updating the Energy Exchange and Events pages.

Sep 3, 2018 — Updated the text and graphics on the Energy Exchange page.

Sep 3, 2018 — The exhibit at the San Francisco Public Library was added to the Events page.

Prior Year Listings

Events Page updated (5/19/15)

SF Bay Area Farmer's Markets updated (5/7/15)

Bioregional Map and Directory (5/5/15)

Ecuador 2015 Field Report #1 (3/21/15)

Overview Report (#4) from COP20 (2/13/15)

Mapping Our Bioregion workshop and walk (1/14/15)

Peter Berg Video and readings (1/8/10)

Ecuador Report #7 (12/26/14)

David Simpson's COP20 Reports from Lima Peru (12/13/14)

Ecuador Report #6 (11/17/14)

University Study Abroad Link added to Ecuador section of Home Page (11/8/14)

Planet Drum Tabling Events updated (11/8/14)

Planet Drum Tabling Event add to Events Page (9/8/14)

2 Books added to Energy Exchange store; The Biosphere and the Bioregion and Devolutionary Notes (8/26/14)

Ecuador Report #5 (8/1/14)

Table of Contents updated (7/21/14)

Bioregional Education Project page and information updated (7/21/14)

Energy Exchange Store listings updated (7/9/14)

Bioregional Education Listings updated (7/9/14)

Ecuador Report #4 (6/19/14)

Updated Links on PD resources page (6/3/14)

PD Events Page updated (5/30/14)

Ecuador Report #3 (4/23/14)

Eco-Ecuador Revegetation Project Reports Updated (4/6/14)

2014 Ecuador Report #2 (4/5/14)

PD Events Page updated (3/25/14)

SF Bioregional Education Program updated (3/25/14)

2014 Ecuador Report, Set #1 (2/11/14)

Eco-Ecuador Page was updated (2/4/14)

2013 Ecuador Report, Set #4 (11/5/13)

Intern Experience Description (9/13/13)

2013Ecuador Report, Set #3 (8/26/13)

2013 Ecuador Report, Set #2 (7/12/13)

Added Catalog of Bioregional Primary Sources to Energy Xchange's book listings(6/26/13)

Revised events and Homepage's links to them. (6/26/13)

Revised the Homepage's Eco-Ecuador Project listings and links (4/13/13)

2013 Ecuador Report, Set #1 (4/13/13)

Planet Drum Event homepage link updated and PD Tabling and workshops updated on Events page(4/11/13)

Planet Drum Event homepage link updated and PD workshops updated on Events page(3/7/13)

Earthday Tabling Events added to Events Page  and homepage link to next PD event updated(2/19/13)

New Astradero Wildflower Planting Project added to PD Projects Listings and direct link to it added to Home Page(2/19/13)

Revised the Ecuador internships listing (2/17/13)

Revised the Homepage's Eco-Ecuador Project listings and links (2/17/13)

Planet Drum Events Page updated workshops for Feb, Mar, and April. (2/15/13)

Planet Drum Events Page updated Meetup group meeting details (also updated on Home Page) and listed upcoming San Francisco Workshops. (2/14/13)

Planet Drum Events Page updated with a San Francisco tabling event and Meetup group meeting (2/11/13)

Updates to the Bioregional Education Resources page about 2012 BSI Study Abroad Program (2/9/13)

U of O-Planet Drum Study Abroad Program, 2012- a student's report (2/9/13)

Ecuador Volunteering Testimonial, 2009 (2/9/13)

2012 Ecuador Report (1/31/13)

2012 Ecuador Report (10/30/12)

Home Page Green City Network listing access (10/10/12)

Planet Drum Events (10/4/12)

Planet Drum Events (9/3/12)

2012 Ecuador Report (8/7/12)

Revisions on Homepage and Green City Announcements page (7/3/12)

2012 Ecuador Report (6/28/12)

Planet Drum Events (6/22/12)

2012 Ecuador Report (4/27/12)

2012 Ecuador Report (4/9/12) Lots of photographs!

2012 Events and Presentations (4/9/12)

2011 Ecuador Bioregional Education Reports (11/29/11)
                May-June Reports
                July Reports
                Final Report 
                All Photographs

Latest Ecuador Report (10/28/11)

Latest Ecuador Report (8/30/11) missing caption added 9/3/11

Media Coverage by El Nuevo Globo of Revegetation Project in Ecuador (6/16/11)

Presentation in Arcata, California (6/8/11)

Latest Ecuador Report (6/3/11)

"Planet Drum in Ecuador" Video (5/12/11)

Current Items:

News & Events (3/19/11)
Peter Berg's Dispatch from Ecuador (12/20/10)
Latest Report - Ecuador Bioregional Education (12/20/10)
Cancún Reports (12/30/10)


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