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Upcoming Planet Drum Events

Visit with Planet Drum Staff at the following presentations, tabling events, meetups, and workshops

Contact mail@planetdrum.org or call 415-285-6556 to set up a Bioregional Tour of San Francisco or a presentation, performance or workshop for your group. Planet Drum is available to travel to your bioregion.



Planet Drum Staff is available to do presentations, talks, and performances.

Contact mail@planetdrum.org or call (415) 285-6556 for more information.

Mapping our bioregion

March 8, 2015   12:00 pm – 2:00 pm  Note: This walk is on a SUNDAY!

Join Wild Oakland  as Judy Goldhaft guides us in creating a two-dimensional interpretation of the environment around Lake Merritt! We’ll map key areas such as restoration sites, open space areas, creeks, sources of pollution, and more!

The workshop and walk will take place in Oakland by Lake Merritt @the Rotary Nature Center, 600 Bellevue Avenue. Bring maps, paper and drawing supplies if you have them, but we’ll also have some to share. Also, wear comfortable walking shoes and bring drinking water!

Judy Goldhaft is the Director of Planet Drum Foundation. Founded in 1973, Planet Drum uses a grassroots approach to ecology that focuses on community self-determination, sustainability, and regional self-reliance. PDF coined the term “bioregion” and defined the philosophy of “bioregionalism” to emphasize the relationship between humans and the areas they live within.

Wild Oakland provides free, Oakland-centered environmental education to busy urbanites. WO is a 100% Do-It-Yourself volunteer organization, from the Executive Director to the guiding committee to the walk leaders. All people involved in this project donate their time because of a shared passion for ecology and education.

Wild Oakland's ultimate objective is to foster “biophilia,” the instinctive attraction all humans have to living systems. We hope our programs will inspire awareness of wild places all around us. For more info see wildoakland.org 

Tabling Events

(Meet and chat with Planet Drum staff, and see exhibits, books, maps, and crafts for sale.)

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Workshops with Hands-on Restoration Work

Planet Drum's Bioregional Education Program offers Workshop/Workdays in partnership with Green City Resources organizations. Community volunteers  learn about a specific places and aid in the hands-on work being conducted there. Contact mail@planetdrum.org or call (415) 285-6556 to set up a volunteer/workshop event.

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San Francisco Bioregional Tours

Explore urban wild places!  See sustainability in action! Learn about native plants and restoration projects!

Planet Drum is available to give you or your group a bioregional tour in the Bay Area.
These trips are tailored to your interests, ranging from one to four hours, and can include a hands-on work component. Call and arrange a tour now for yourself, your family, your employees group or business, or your school.  They're fun, informational, and will give you a new perspective!       (415-285-6556 or mail@planetdrum.org)



Last updated: 10 Feb 2015