Eco-Ecuador Dry Tropical Forest Revegetation Project

The Dry Tropical Vegetation of Bahia De Caraquez coastal bioregion is both specific and barely extant. The Project began as an effort to stabilize hillsides (which had recently become mudslides) by replanting a combination of indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. Working with local people as well as international volunteers, the various project managers have each left their mark on the Eco-Ecuador Project. This page is a compilation of who they are and were and a links to their Reports.

Project Manager’s Report # 3

By Jeff Goddin | November 8, 2002

Jeff Goddin, Project Manager Report Maria Auxiliadora Park: Steps are in and signs are going in in the eight spots on the map. Community meetings are going well, with a couple tours already given, and many people beginning to come together to talk about ideas that have been around before. This means, that people are talking about an interpretive center, t-shirts or something for tour […]

2002 Kristen Ford: Report # 5 :

By Kristen Ford | November 5, 2002

Kristen FordPlanet Drum VolunteerTuesday, November 5, 2002 Chris and Matt have been working on the Universidad Catolica revegetation project all the time and will surely pass on their work to Simon. Matt has secured funds to create a greenhouse and we have already started working on design plans for the structure. Simon just arrived from Guayaquil a few minutes ago. His flight was arrived in […]

Good News

By Sara Gomez and Matt | November 2, 2002

Sara Gomez (and Matt)Planet Drum Volunteers Some good news, Matt has managed to raise $325 so far for the greenhouse (any money not used for that project can be used for the other projects).

2002 Kristen Ford: Report # 4 : ‘Escuela Rotaria Story’

By Kristen Ford | October 31, 2002

Kristen FordPlanet Drum Volunteer [Soon after arriving in Bahia, Kristen returned from Fanca glowing with amazement and delight. After she told me what happened, I suggested she write up her experience for the website. Here it is….Judy Goldhaft].  This story begins with an invitation by the Director of the Escuela Rotaria (Rotary School) in Fanca to work with the natural sciences teacher in her class. […]

2002 Kristen Ford: Report #3: “Successful vermicomposting”

By Kristen Ford | October 31, 2002

Kristin FordPlanet Drum Volunteer I am here in Genesis enjoying the costumes that children are wearing tonight. I just saw Snow White walk by. So much to say, where to begin? Well, in the last week I have gotten very involved in the up and coming vermicomposting project. Jeff, Chris and I have been in ongoing negotiations during the past month for the municipality to […]

2002 Report #2

By Sara Gomez and Matt | October 28, 2002

The first few days Matt and I were here we did some work on the room—plastering, priming, and painting the walls. We also did some work with the seed planting project at Fanca and started thatching the roof at the patio. Since then Matt has been helping Chris with work in the park, doing maintenance and rebuilding the steps for the third time. Rita and […]