Eco-Ecuador Dry Tropical Forest Revegetation Project

The Dry Tropical Vegetation of Bahia De Caraquez coastal bioregion is both specific and barely extant. The Project began as an effort to stabilize hillsides (which had recently become mudslides) by replanting a combination of indigenous trees, shrubs and grasses. Working with local people as well as international volunteers, the various project managers have each left their mark on the Eco-Ecuador Project. This page is a compilation of who they are and were and a links to their Reports.

A tour of the park.

By Sara Gomez and Matt | October 28, 2002

Monday, October 28, 2002  The first few days Matt and I were here we did some work on the room—plastering, priming, and painting the walls. We also did some work with the seed planting project at Fanca and started thatching the roof at the patio.  Since then Matt has been helping Chris with work in the park, doing maintenance and rebuilding the steps for the […]

2002 Chris Haaf: Report #3

By Chris Haaf | October 22, 2002

Chris HaafPlanet Drum Volunteer Good news as far as the steps go. Matt went to Cerro Seco this weekend and saw some stairs there which are built out of several smaller branches that you can find anywhere. So the stairs have been completely rebuilt, mostly by Matt with some help from me. We are working on clearing trails and general beautification of the park. 

2002 Chris Haaf: Report #2

By Chris Haaf | October 19, 2002

Chris HaafPlanet Drum Volunteer We have been busy getting the new volunteers (Sara, Rita, and Matt) introduced to everything that is going on. i have been at fanca several days recently working on filling bags with compost to plant seeds. The stairs have been replaced in Maria Auxiliadora. A few days after finishing the stairs, Kristen and I took some of the kids from the […]

2002 Kristen Ford: Report #2: “Several hundred bags of seeds”

By Kristen Ford | October 19, 2002

Kristen FordPlanet Drum Volunteer Chris and I have been working on the apartment like crazy. Now the entire main commons room’s walls are painted except for right as you come up the steps. We have been continuing to collect tiles and advice to begin work on the mosaic that I was talking about. I have been concentrating a lot of energy on generating support from […]

Sara and Matt arrive in Bahia.

By Sara Gomez and Matt | October 17, 2002

Thursday, October 17, 2002 Matt and I arrived in Bahia over the weekend, and have been settling in for the past few days. We have been working on the middle room of the apartment (the one with the new floor), since that’s where we have been sleeping. Matt did some work with cement patching up cracks and holes in the wall, and whitewashed it in […]

Project Manager’s Report #2

By Jeff Goddin | October 7, 2002

Jeff Goddin, Eco-Bahia Projects Manager Planet Drum activities in the week since Peter and Judy left have included getting more seedlings ready, working with the Fanca school and Eco-Club, coordinating with the Municipio and Katty Pazmiño the responsibilities of Planet Drum and the Municipio towards Fanca and how that will evolve through the November 15th contract termination date to include more community participation, and continued […]