Jobs, Internships & Volunteer Opportunities

Planet Drum Foundation works to research, promote and disseminate information about bioregionalism, a grassroots approach to ecology that emphasizes sustainability, community self-determination and regional self-reliance. We believe that people who know and care about the places where they live will work to restore and maintain them.


Planet Drum Foundation often has internships and volunteer positions available.  Occasionally there are paying job positions open.

General Information for Interns and Volunteers

Since we are a small office interns generally take on specific projects, and gain a lot of valuable experience. Depending on your interests, and our needs, you might be working on editing and distributing publications, designing flyers and displays, or organizing an event. You can request a list of the current specific projects we’re working on.

We make a distinction between interns and volunteers. Interns have a particular project which they complete in at least three months of about 20 hours per week. If you’re interested in becoming an intern, please fill out the Intern Application below and return it with your resume. After we receive the application we’ll set up a phone, zoom or in-person interview.

Volunteers may or may not have a special project, but they work on a regular basis for a determined length of time (often from 1 -15 hours/week). We also have volunteers who work on an irregular basis for special projects. If you’d rather work as a volunteer than an intern, just contact us and we’ll arrange an orientation and a schedule for your hours—either virtual or in the office.

Feel free to contact the office: or (415) 285-6556 if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest in Planet Drum Foundation.

In Diversity,
Judy Goldhaft

Internships at Planet Drum Foundation: Rewarding Work, Unlimited Prospects

Through an internship at Planet Drum, you can gain new job skills, make contacts, and immerse yourself in the bioregional, ecological and urban sustainability scenes. We are happy to fill-out forms for college credit and write letters of recommendation at the conclusion of your internship period. Unfortunately Planet Drum cannot afford to pay interns. We can sometimes provide a small stipend for local travel. We ask for a three month commitment of your time at 20 hours per week. Potential intern projects are listed below. (Planet Drum also has openings for volunteers for from 1 to 15 hours a week.)

A volunteer/intern writes,

“Dear Planet Drum Staff,
This has been an educational few weeks. Not only have I learned the approximate meaning of Bioregionalism, how to do PR for a non-profit, but I’ve learned how to laugh at work–a very valuable lesson. Between the jokes, careful observations, and truly important consciousness changing talks, I never had a dull moment. Thank you for your kindness, patience, immediate acceptance of me, and words of wisdom. It has really been a true joy to work at Planet Drum this summer.”

—Peregrine Whitehurst

Below are general suggestions for internship & volunteer jobs
and an Internship Application

Administrative Assistant

Run Planet Drum’s office with us by:

  • helping with whatever needs to be done,
  • managing events and outreach,
  • weeding the native plant sidewalk garden
  • managing our resources files,
  • sorting archival materials,
  • organizing the library,
  • a project you’d like to do.

Membership/Outreach Assistants

Explore the local, national, and international bioregional movement. Assist with:

  • managing and updating our membership database,
  • designing, producing, and editing membership notices,
  • arranging membership events
  • managing social media

Art and Design Assistant

Help with the design and layout for:

  • notices to members,
  • photo albums,
  • displays.
  • photos for instagram.

Editorial Assistant

Planet Drum publishes a newsletter, books, and broadsides. Our current project can use your research, editing, proofreading, writing, production and design assistance.

Website/Calendar Assistant

  • helping update our online calendar’s listings and monthly announcements, and/or
  • adding graphics and text to the website

are opportunities to express your creativity as well as keeping you connected to the latest ecological/sustainable happenings around the Bay Area.

Social Media & Computer Specialist

  • keep our social media flowing with regular input! 
  • our computers would be happy to entertain you to digitize casette audio tapes and make them available as podcasts.

Fundraising Assistant

Lots of organizations have great project ideas. Of course, it takes $$$ to make these projects really happen. Help us:

  • planning a fundraising event,
  • researching funding sources, or
  • assisting with member outreach.

Ecuadorian Restoration Project

Although the Eco Ecuador section of this website has information including volunteering and internship opportunities, the Project has been closed since June 2021 due to Covid. The pages are posted as a resource for those interested in understanding how the Project functioned.

If you want to pursue an internship at Planet Drum, please return the intern application below and send a short letter or resume of your background to: Judy Goldhaft
Planet Drum Foundation
PO Box 31251
San Francisco CA 94131
Shasta Bioregion
Telelphone: (415)285-6556

Internship Application

To apply for an internship position with Planet Drum Foundation, please answer the questions below and send the application with your resume or a short letter of your experience. Our internship positions are unpaid. We cannot provide you with a place to live, but we can give advice on how to find housing. We are a small office which enables our interns to gain a tremendous amount of hands-on experience.

1. Where are you from and what do you know about the place where you live?

2. Tell us a story about yourself.

3. Tell us about a meeting or relationship with a non-human.

4. Which intern position are you interested in and why?

5. What do you expect to gain from an internship here?