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Raise The Stakes, the Planet Drum Review, a bi-annual publication, presented thought-provoking essays on issues ranging from restoration ecology to the greening of cities from 1979 – 2000. In addition [it had] a “Circles of Correspondence” section describing the activities of bioregional groups throughout the U.S. and internationally, Raise the Stakes included original poetry, articles on a variety of ecological subjects, unique graphics, new publications and other announcements.”  It was printed in tabloid format on book paper.

                        “…the periodical Raise the Stakes was of immeasurable importance in                             defining and disseminating the ideas and possibilities of bioregionalism…”

—Gary Snyder, 2011

 Naturalists, alternative energy advocates, poets, permaculturists, social activists, and others attracted by the bioregional idea eventually required more regular means to communicate with one another than the infrequent “Bundles”. Planet Drum began publishing its biannual review Raise The Stakes! (the first two issues had an exclamation point after the name), with an issue in 1979 titled “Soft Borders,” that declared the following intention:


“Humankind. Our identity as a species sharing life on this planet is emerging to break through the political concrete…and cultural artifacture of the machine-dominated Age of Production.

 We are becoming the peoples of the planet.

Our lives are growing more directly related to each other and to the life of the planet itself.

What “freedom” meant in the 18th Century and what “social justice” meant after then has become for us now the spirit of interdependence.

RAISE THE STAKES! will present ideas and information from the opening terrain of humankind identity.

SOFT BORDERS is an introduction to the spectrum of new political vision that is relating ethnic and regional preservation to wider questions of our species’ adaptability and the diversity of the biosphere…


Below is an index of issues. Each issue has a table of contents and a PDF that may be read online or downloaded, The articles are continuing sources of valuable ideas. Some issues are still available for purchase and complete sets are available for libraries.

1Soft Borders Fall 79
2Eco-Development: Decolonizing OurselvesWinter 81
3Cities: Salvaging the PartsSummer 81
4The News Doesn’t Come From One PlaceWinter 82
5Natural ProvisionSpring 82
6Harvesting the TrashWinter 83
7What’s Happening to  The Water WebSpring 83
8Recovering AutonomyFall 83
9Livelier SenseSpring 84
10Open Fire: A Council of Bioregional Self-CriticismSummer 84
11Urb an’ Bioregion: Green CitySpring 86
12Emerging States: A Bioregional DirectorySpring 87
13Nature in CitiesWinter 88
14BordersWinter 88-89
15North “America” Plus: A Bioregional DirectoryFall 89
16Europe Now: The Bioregional ProspectSpring/Summer 90
17Exploring Urban FrontiersWinter 91
18/19Eco-Governance: Bioregional GatheringsWinter 91/ Spring  92
20Eco-Governance II: Anatomy of the Shasta Bioregional GatheringFall 92
21Bioregional CultureSpring/Summer 93
22Food as Place: Bioregional AgricultureWinter 93/94
23Things That Really Work: A Bioregional ToolkitSummer 94
24Bioregional Directory & MapWinter 94/ Spring 95
25Connecting Our Species: Planet ReportsWinter 95/96
263 R’s and a B: Bioregional SchoolFall 96
27Mainstreaming WatershedsSummer 97
28Reinhabitation or Global Monoculture?Spring 98
29A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000: Raise the Stakes Anthology IWinter 98/99
30Eco-Realism about Water,Food, Cities: Raise the Stakes Anthology IIWinter 99/2000
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