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You can also get involved with bioregional culture and community by looking around and observing what makes the place you live unique–both the ecological mix, (plants animals, geology, climate, landforms,etc.) and the culture/historical context that has evolved from and respects (or doesn’t) the ecological mix. Once you are aware of your life-place (bioregion) the next question is what are you going to do about it?

Basic bioregional activities include:

  • restoring and maintaining bioregions,
  • finding sustainable means for providing basic human needs,
  • supporting the work of ‘reinhabitation’

Some ways to Bioregion—bioregion as a verb—a selection of possibilities that could be combined and enjoyed as walks, talks, discussions, hands-on activities, presentations, etc.

  • Research and Study—exploring the unique features of a place, its soft borders, and the history of human inhabitation there;
  • Publication of a Bioregional Newspaper/Magazine—or social media alerts/blasts to activities;
  • Response to a Single Issue—a wide range extending from energy sources through pollutio to species protection/restoration;
  • Educational Outreach—for children and/or adults;
  • Political Action—passing resolutions, taking positions and implementing changes;
  • Spiritual Community—either mainly traditional or newly formed;
  • Celebrations of Place—includes art, music, theater, publications, events, and/or rituals.

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Bioregional information & projects including

  • San Francisco Bay Area Green City Calendar– events and volunteer opportunities.
  • Library & Resources
  • Store
  • Networking
  • Archives
  • EcoEcuador Project, 1999-2021
  • Climate Change Reports, 2009-20019
  • Winter Olympics Suggestions & Reports,1998-2014
  • Dispatches from around the Planet


Bioregional thinking has a rich and complex intellectual and cultural history. You can learn more by browsing in the Library & Resources The library includes illuminating essays and reports written by Peter Berg, Raymond F. Dasman, David Simpson, David Morris etc. as well as the archives of the periodical Raise the Stakes, The Planet Drum Review.

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Planet Drum welcomes your support. We welcome regular volunteers and some volunteer opportunities can be done virtually. Please review our internship and volunteer opportunities page for more details.