Reports From The United Nations Climate Change Conferences

David Simpson is a long-time Northern California bioregional pioneer and community leader based in the deeply rural Mattole River Valley of Humboldt County. Having written about and performed theater pieces with his partner Jane Lapiner on the subject of climate change in many places for several decades, they went to the UN Climate Conference of the Parties in 2009 (COP 15) in Copenhagen, Denmark to participate in whatever ways seemed appropriate. It was “Mr. Bioregion Goes to Copenhagen” judging from the first account.

David and Jane’s impressions and reports from subsequent COPs were sent to Planet Drum to be distributed. They are laced with irony and wit and provide an invaluable overview of the evolution of the UN Climate Conferences.

Index of Conferences Attended

[In reverse chronological order — most recent conferences at the top]
  • 2019 (COP 25) Chile/Madrid, Spain
  • 2018 (COP 24) Katowice, Poland
  •  2017 (COP 23) Bonn, Germany
  •  2016 (COP 22) Marrakesh, Morocco
  •  2015 (COP 21) Paris, France
  •  2014 (COP 20) Lima, Peru
  •  2013 (COP 19) Warsaw, Poland
  •  2010 (COP 16) Cancún, Mexico
  •  2009 (COP 15) Copenhagen, Denmark


Index of Reports

[In reverse chronological order]