Clay Plager-Unger

Clay Plager-Unger is the former director of Planet Drum Foundation's Eco-Ecuador project.

A marathon of reforestation.

By Clay Plager-Unger | February 9, 2007

February 5-9, 2007 We began the week with a downpour on Sunday night and what was likely to be the commencement of the raining season! The “festival of nature” as it was described to me by an eco-amigo. Since we needed to wait for a few of days of hard rain to begin planting—the earth needs to soften up a bit before we can transplant […]

8th Anniversary of Eco-City Bahia: Schedule of Activities

By Clay Plager-Unger | February 5, 2007

Date Activity Place Participants 01/12/07 Fixing up the park in the Fanca Neighborhood Entrance to Fanca Friends of the Eco-city, Sucre Municipality 01/16/07 Painting, watering, planting Entrance to Fanca Friends of the Eco-city, Sucre Municipality, local students 01/19/07 Collecting Mangrove seeds Beach in San Vicente Friends of the Eco-city, local students and volunteers 01/23-26/07 Painting a mural Fanca Friends of the Eco-city, Sucre Municipality, local […]

Eco-amigos plan for eco-week in Bahia’s 8th year as an eco-city.

By Clay Plager-Unger | February 2, 2007

January 29-February 2, 2007 Did I say that we were waiting for rain? In fact it is the rain that is waiting for us. We prepare our seedlings, tend to the greenhouse, turn compost, and water trees, and yet somehow we are not ready because the drought continues. What we are lacking in preparation is a mystery to me, but we are not waiting. In other […]

Collected a couple of sacks of Terremonte leaves for compost.

By Clay Plager-Unger | January 26, 2007

January 22-26, 2007 We are still waiting for rain. Locals say that when it doesn’t rain until February, the rains hit all the harder. We’ll see. An occasional shower has allowed us to avoid having to water some days, and the delay in the real rains has afforded us more time to further prepare for the planting in the wet season. But at this point we’d […]

Planting trees is only part of our mission.

By Clay Plager-Unger | January 19, 2007

January 15-19, 2007 It’s been another exciting and work-filled week here in Bahia de Caraquez. The dry season continues even though a few showers teased us, which suggests that the rainy season is close. With the real rain holding out on us, we continue to water our old revegetation sites. We are also making the final preparations in the greenhouse to get new trees for this […]

New Field Projects Manager and preparations for eco-week.

By Clay Plager-Unger | January 14, 2007

Clay Plager-Unger, Field Projects Manager Planet Drum FoundationReport: January 8-14, 2007 It is an honor for me to be representing Planet Drum Foundation as the new Field Projects Manager here in Bahia De Caraquez, Ecuador. This is an incredibly interesting time to begin work here as the dry season is coming to a close and we are on the verge of the wet season, when we begin moving […]