Peter Berg’s Writings

Celestial Soulstice 2010

By Peter Berg | December 21, 2010

Circles, ellipses, curvesbring us to this turn point lunging unquenchable bulged desire(eating to live) hosting millions of organismswithout knowing themuntil all left alivestill feed without knowing us each our own planetout of cold space and witless unknowing this parabola of another year completes again what remains to flame our sensing souls.

Bioregional Sustainability Institute (BSI)

By Peter Berg | November 30, 2010

Planet Drum Foundation purchased land outside the city of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador to expand the Bioregional Education Projects to include adults and college students. In 2010 Peter Berg wrote A School to Retrieve the Future, an essay describing the newly initiated BSI—the vision behind the Institute and it’s curriculum.  (Note: this is no longer available. It is included as archival historical information.) A Call for […]

A School to Retrieve the Future

By Peter Berg | November 18, 2010

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador These are life-altering times across the planet for practically all major aspects of human endeavor. Arching over the shifts that are taking place in social, political, economic, and cultural areas that all of us are experiencing is the urgent need to recognize and accommodate our species’ utter dependence on the viability of Earth’s natural systems. It is a mutual concern shared […]

How Eco-Bahia Was Rescued

By Peter Berg | February 25, 2009

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador The high-pitched enthusiasm of Carnaval is building and an interviewer/photographer team from Taiwan’s Spirit magazine has arrived to report on Eco-Bahia, requesting a tour by me through Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas “wild park.” We were graced with a rainless day to climb down the steps at the farthest entrance accompanied by Patricio Tamariz (who had arranged for the Taiwanese visit), Clay and several Planet […]

Discovering the Status of Some Things to Come

By Peter Berg | February 22, 2009

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador Planet Drum’s plans to build a Bioregional Sustainability Institute (BSI) on property that was acquired for that purpose three years ago just took a great step toward.  Jaeson Schultz, our land partner in the original purchase of sixty hectares of undeveloped land, is here for a few months and joined Clay and I on an exploratory visit accompanied by Mark Hebard and […]

In the Season of Rising Expectations

By Peter Berg | February 16, 2009

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador It is a particularly hard winter of blizzards this year in the Northern Hemisphere and a hot summer marked by forest fires in the Southern, but in Ecuador where sharply defined seasons elsewhere are equatorially ambiguous it is the time of rain at night and, if there is no blanket of gray overcast, baking sun during the day. Downpours range from […]