Donate your used clothes, books, furniture and more

Planet Drum Foundation greatly benefits from your donations to Community Thrift in San Francisco of household items, books, records, furniture and clothing that you don’t want that are in good shape.

Planet Drum receives 30%–40% of the sale price of your donations. You help us with every donation you make and it doesn’t cost you a penny!

When you drop off your stuff, ask that the proceeds from its sale be credited to Planet Drum Foundation.

  • Our “charity code” is: 112
  • Donations are accepted from 10 am to 5 pm daily.
  • If there’s too much for you to handle — the store has pick-up service.

Community Thrift Store

  • Address: 623 Valencia Street (between 17th and 18th Streets) in San Francisco
  • Phone: (415) 861-4910

Drop-Off Location

  • The Store’s drop-off dock is on Sycamore Alley, between the Community Thrift Store and the Elbo Room.
  • Be aware that Sycamore Alley runs ONE WAY … west from Mission to Valencia. 
(Call Planet Drum at (415) 285-6556 if you need further directions.)

Welcome Donations

All items must be clean, in good repair and ready for use: clothing, jewelry and accessories, costumes, shoes and boots, books and stationery, art and seasonal decorations, sports equipment, bicycles, collectibles, house wares, furniture, CDs, records, cassettes, videos, lamps, bric-a-brac, luggage, baskets, etc.

If you aren’t sure the Community Thrift Store will accept an item or if you have questions, please call (415) 861-4910 and ask them.


  • Large donation pick-ups occur Sunday through Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Call the store for more information (415) 861-4910.

Your discards provide needed financial support — at no cost to you — for Planet Drum’s ongoing ecological education and restoration programs.

Thanks from all of us at Planet Drum!