Greenhouse Update

Tree production at the greenhouse continues to progress smoothly. After having collected, prepared and planted seeds, there are lots of seedlings germinating in the elevated seedbeds. We had a load of 2,100 used plastic bottles to repurpose as tree planters delivered to the greenhouse.
Volunteers helped to organize trees, mix soil, cut the tops off bottles, and fill them with soil for transplanting. We transplanted approximately 300 Guachapeli and 200 Mandarina seedlings. As trees are transplanted from the seedbeds, we plant more seeds, such as Tamarind, Cascol, Algarrobo, more Guachapeli, and Mango in the beds.

A truckload of 2,100 bottles is delivered to the greenhouse.
Organizing trees at the greenhouse.
Felix, Brittany, and Julia organizing trees.
Felix, Brett, and Brittany filling bottles with soil.
Planet Drum volunteers transplanting Guachapeli seedlings at the greenhouse.
Brittany, Julia, and Felix transplanting Naranja seedlings.
Felix mixes soil in a seedbed to prepare for planting more seeds.
Mandarina and Achiote seedlings germinating in an elevated seedbed at the Planet Drum greenhouse.
Felix watering recently transplanted seedlings.

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