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Bundle: Amble Towards Continent Congress, by Peter Berg


A manifesto to overcome the politics of extinction, the Earth-colonist globalism which exhausts whole continents, their people, and moves now to devastate deep floors of our planetary oceans. This piece was distributed with Planet Drum’s Continent Congress Bundle, and was written to counter the patriotic fervor of the US Bicentennial in 1976. It was updated and reprinted as a  “surprise publication” for Planet Drum Members in 1992, and served as a bioregional overview of North American history leading up to the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Western Hemisphere.

A two-sided 11″ x 17″ calligraphy-ed poster that includes Dasmann and Udvardy’s 1974 map of the biotic provinces of North America. The 1992 version is still  available.