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Envisioning Sustainability, by Peter Berg


This collection of essays, manifestos, interviews, presentations and poems begins in the late 1960’s and guides the reader through the awakening of both environmentalism and bioregionalism.

Chapter and article introductions, written expressly for this collection, discuss the historical and psychological context of the pieces and constitute a history of late 20th Century’s evolving understandings of post-industrial society.

“Berg’s genius includes being a very funny performing artist, a poet, and a visionary with the capacity to articulate his vision passionately, practically, and distinctly. Envisioning Sustainability is a collection of his essays, talks, diatribes, and articles which have helped to define the bioregional movement since the early 1970s.”—Joyce Marshall, Realistic Living, A Journal on Ethics and Religion

“It’s a forty-year compendium of some of the profoundest ecosocial thinking to date concerning what are…environmental problems. Here you will find the outlines of lifeways that could return our species to diverse, place-located, long haul biotic flourishing.”–Stephanie Mills, author of Whatever Happened to Ecology?