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Raise the Stakes, The Planet Drum Review, – Anthology Set of #29 & #30


A celebration of twenty years Raising the Stakes. The two anthology collections sold together.

Raise the Stakes #29, Anthology I:    A Deep (Ecology) Breath Before 2000
Raise the Stakes #30, Anthology II:    Eco-Realism About Water, Food, Cities

Each issue offers a union of past and present articles from The Planet Drum Review,
Raise The Stakes. 

Authors include:
Kat Anderson * Peter Bane * Peter Berg *  Morris Berman * Murray Bookchin * Ernest Callenbach * Marc Bonfils * Beatrice Briggs ** Marti Crouch * Chris Desser * Jim Dodge * Jacques Ellul * Richard Grow * David Haenke * Michael Helm * Freeman House * David McCloskey * David Morris * Sherman Apt Russell * Gary Snyder * John Trudell * Donald Worster

A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000: Celebrate 20 years of Raise the Stakes with an inside view of the history of the bioregional movement. It features the best articles (some out of print!) from Raise the Stakes issues 1-28. Authors include: Peter Berg, Beatrice Briggs, Jim Dodge, Chris Desser, Jacques Ellul, Richard Grow, David Haenke, Freeman House, Jerry Mander, David McCloskey, Sharmon Apt Russell; plus poetry by Duncan McNaughton, reviews, and reports from Planet Drum, Green City, and BANA.

Eco-Realism About Water, Food, Cities: The last issue of Raise the Stakes features another excellent selection of articles from Raise the Stakes issues 1-28 Authors include: Kat Anderson, Peter Bane, Peter Berg, Marc Bonfils, Marti Crouch, Jim Dodge, David Morris, John Trudell, Donald Worster; plus reviews and reports from Planet Drum, Green City, and Ecuador.