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Wild in the City Map


The Ecology and Natural History of San Francisco: Wild in the City is a poster-map comparing a view of the natural geography of San Francisco before colonization (1750) with a present-day (1990s) street map to show what features could be restored.  It is a detailed poster map  showing the location of the sand dunes, grasslands, wildflower-butterfly hilltops, Ohlone village sites, creek paths, salt marshes, and berry-brushlands that “underlie” the city of San Francisco. This full-color poster map can help you find remaining natural habitats in your neighborhood, and it can help explain why some people’s basements flood, or buildings sink; it can help you connect more with urban wildlife, and can introduce you to, or deepen your connection with local wild areas’ restoration.

23″ x 35″ By Nancy Morita.