A very successful meeting.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Some good news, Matt has managed to raise $325 so far for the greenhouse (any money not used for that project can be used for the other projects).

Matt and I have been working on the greenhouse since Tuesday and it has been going up really quickly. The entire stucture is up, and today we hope to finish building tables for the inside. Then all we have to do is put up the cover for the walls and the roof. 

Things are going very well with the Maria Auxiliadora project too. We finally had a very successful meeting last night, and made some concrete plans, and got a group formed. We have at least 4 people who are eager and serious about being guides, one woman who will be the coordinator (she is also vice president of the barrio and a very motivated, eager and trustworthy person), and at least 5 or 6 others who will be part of the group. We did some planning on tour logistics, will have a work party in the park with the community on Sunday, and plan on having a kind of Re-inauguration party (to put in the signs as a symbol of a re-commitment to the park) 

I have been taking photos of lots of things, and will send you some writing later on when i get it together…documentation of what we have been doing and progression of the projects. 

I also bought two signs for the park yesterday (signs for the outside so people know how to get to the park/where the entrance is, etc), and plan to get those painted and up by next week. 

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