A vivero for mangroves.

May 16-22, 2005

I let the Civil Defense Force know that we are willing to work with them on the tree planting project, and am awaiting a response. 

It rained a few days this week. I spoke with Carlos Franco about fencing on the Dairy Farm and he is placing the final gate which will complete the proper fencing required (shoulder high barbed wire). Carlos Endara, Cherry Tree, Inter-Americano and the Hidalgo sites are also fenced with barbed wire. I will have to look into the Fernando site as there is currently no fencing. 

This week we worked in El Bosque – maintained trails a bit, fixed handrails and placed a few new ones, fixed steps and leveled trail where needed, replaced missing signs. 

We worked in the vivero (greenhouse) transplanting many Colorados, turning compost (as usual), continued fixing plant beds and weeding. We also cleared the University site. We are actively collecting plastic bottles, and our biggest source is the Depto. De Higiene (Sanitation Department), which has started to separate them from the trash they pick up. 

We helped in the building of a vivero for mangroves at the Universidad Tecnica, and went on a tour through their mangrove forest. Dr. Acosta at the UC expressed interest in PDF doing mangrove planting projects. 

We continued with the house maintenance – painting, organization and inventory of tool cupboard, making of a garden area downstairs. 

Seed bank – This weekend we went to see Mike Morgan, his nursery and to visit Cerro Blanco. We received 3 types of seeds from him, and collected a fourth on our own. I also picked out which species we need more information on in order to continue research. 

Hasta la proxima! 

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