Agro-ecological Farm Visit

A longtime friend of Planet Drum, Lucas Oshun, has been involved in a myriad of ecological projects over recent years, including directing Global Student Embassy projects, starting a bamboo construction company that donated bamboo houses to earthquake victims, as well as coordinating Dry Tropical Forest research and reforestation initiatives.

Lucas is now administrating a new agro-ecology project on a farm near the town of Chone (approximately one hour in-land from Bahía de Caráquez). We visited the farm one morning to check in on their progress, lend a hand, and chat about ecological work in the region.

Lucas gave us a tour of the property, including showing us where they planted several hectares of Guachapeli trees and Vetiver grass in what was previously an area used as cow pasture. He is also in the process of building a large bamboo house for receiving groups of students and volunteers who will participate in ecological and agricultural projects.

The view of the bamboo house under construction that will be used for ecological and agricultural projects.
So far, more than 1,500 pieces of bamboo have been used for the construction of the house.
Lucas explains the ecological restoration work that he is doing at his farm.

After taking a lunch break, we helped mulch recently transplanted bamboo shoots that were planted near the bamboo house.

Photos and text by Clay Plager-Unger.

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