Another planting at El Torro, El Bosque Encantado

February 6-12, 2006

I spoke to Alfredo Duenas and have arranged for him to get the remaining money for the map of our new land this week. No new news about our land in Las Coronas. I´ll try to talk to Johnny Delgado about including more sites on the Eco-Paseo. 

I doubt the older trees at Inter Americano site will need watering this summer. We only planted 16 new ones. Re: bringing trees from Jama, it was because Barón, who lives close to the greenhouse, knew the Municipio wanted to give away the trees since they had too many that had no place to go. I believe they are Balsa and Balsamo.

We plan to add another site by La Cruz, but it won´t be very big, because after I visted the area for the second time with the owners, they showed me that they wanted to reserve much of the hilltop to eventually build a house. Also, it was evident that some reforestation had been done before because the inverted plastic bottles were still there.

This week it hasn’t rained as much as last. We have planted twice on the Espinoza property in El Toro, and also on Jairo’s father’s property which is sandwiched in between (they had sold him a piece). Individual fences and some shading were put on the trees that needed them. We planted along the top of the gorge and on a low hillside at the foot of the mountain. We also collected some Pechiche seeds there to sow in the greenhouse. 

Somebody else in El Toro along the main road wanted us to plant trees along the border of his property. It is in a flat area so I don’t know think we should go ahead with it, unless we have extra trees.

We also did another planting at El Bosque Encantado. It is going smoothly with the owner’s help.

We transplanted trees of many different species at the greenhouse, including a couple of Cherimoya and Anona. 

I had a meeting with the DarwinNet people who want more info about us in Spanish for their website. They have a link to our website, and a short description of our goals, but I plan to write a more detailed informative sheet for them. The aim is to share information about flora and fauna conservation in Ecuador and Peru.

The German couple leaves at the end of the week, and Brooke gets here mid-next week. 

Hasta luego!

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