Apiculture Project January Update

Thus far in January, Planet Drum has made significant progress on a new project: beekeeping.
At the beginning of the month, Ricardo and Clay visited our friend Miguel Angel (proprietor of La Colmena in Portoviejo) to discuss apiculture. Miguel Angel has been bee-keeping for years and appears interested in sharing his knowledge with anyone willing to listen. While there, he showed us how he was populating a new bee box with a queen bee from an established bee colony. We observed intently as he moved the queen from one box to another. Thanks for the lesson, Miguel!

Miguel Angel tends to his bees at his Apiculture shop in Portoviejo.
Miguel Angel demonstrates how to move a queen into a new bee box

Shortly thereafter, the second batch of bee boxes were completed and Ricardo and Clay picked them up from Calceta. Ricardo and Clay now have 8 bee boxes total (with 2 levels each for the hive and production) that will soon be ready for housing bees!

Photos by Clay Plager-Unger.

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