Astillero Community Greenhouse Production

The Community Greenhouse in the Astillero neighborhood continues to expand its seedling and compost production.

It is possible that José María, Planet Drum’s contact there, is even more enthusiastic about trees and plants than we are.

The Planet Drum crew assists Astillero community resident José María (on the right) organizing the greenhouse operation.

In his excitement to produce more trees, José María had strewn materials everywhere. There were cut bottles, uncut bottles, piles of soil, transplanted trees, and sacks of sawdust strewn about everywhere. The Planet Drum team contributed to the greenhouse operation by doing a major organizational overhaul of the greenhouse. The first order of business was to try to free up some space so that it would be easier to get around and work.

Working at the Astillero community greenhouse facility.

The bottles were organized, and more soil was mixed to transplant trees from containers they were outgrowing. 600 trees were readied for transport to the Catholic University greenhouse to provide more space.

600 trees will be moved from Astillero to the Catholic University greenhouse to free up space for more tree and compost production.

Photos and text by Clay Plager-Unger.

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