Astillero Compost Production

Compost production in the Astillero neighborhood continues at full throttle. We’ve been transporting organic waste from the Bahía to the Astillero for the past five months and already have produced three massive piles of completed compost that is ready to be prepared  as planting soil. Jose Maria is using his portion of the compost to plant 2,000 Maracuya plants for his family farm. Meanwhile, Planet Drum is excited to be growing Guayacan, Mandarina, and Grosella seedlings in the seedbeds we built there. The finished compost will come in handy for transplanting all of those trees.
Paul and Kate from California spent a morning with Planet Drum to see its projects in action and assisted the crew with turning compost.

Three large piles of finished compost have already been collected since production began in September, 2017.
The Planet Drum crew turns compost piles in the Astillero neighborhood.

Since September, 2017 we have used up 50 large sacks of sawdust. We paid a visit to the local sawmill and collected another batch of 50 large sacks for continued production. To make quality compost, sawdust is mixed with organic waste from the Bahía market at a ratio of 1:1.

Jose María observes the compost production facility in the Astillero. In the background are 50 full sacks of freshly delivered sawdust for continued production.

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