Astillero Neighborhood Greenhouse

In Astillero, we continue to make improvements to the community greenhouse facility. A roof was built to keep the sacks of sawdust dry. With artistic assistance from Claudia, we painted and installed a sign at the entrance.

Friend and collaborator, Jose María, from the Astillero neighborhood, poses with Orlando and Claudia in front of the new greenhouse sign.
Clay installs the sign at the entrance to the Astillero greenhouse.
Claudia paints a sign for the Astillero community greenhouse facility.

While the sign was made, the compost piles continued working. About once a month the piles are turned and move along in the process of becoming compost. After 3-4 months, the soil is ready and is used in seedbeds and bottles for tree production.

Claudia and Orlando collect finished compost in sacks that will be delivered to the Planet Drum greenhouse at the Catholic University.
Claudia and Orlando turn the compost pile as they move it from working stage 2 to stage 3.

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