Peter Berg and Elise Braaten

Letter to Brian & Renee

By Peter Berg and Elise Braaten | March 26, 2004

March 26, 2004 Dear Brian and Renée, This is a combined message from Peter & Elise to share our thoughts after an intensive week of bioregional education research, discussion & melding of ideas. “Transparency” is the intended keynote for this, and we eagerly invite a four-part discussion now that the attempt has been made to lay some of the hopefully mutual foundations. Elise is prepared to undertake […]

Eco-Ciudad Community Bioregional Education Program

By Peter Berg and Elise Braaten | March 15, 2004

Peter Berg and Elise Braaten collaborated on a neighborhood oriented educational curriculum that will be launched June 2004 by Planet Drum Foundation in Bahia de Caraquez. Objective: To develop and carry out a bioregional education program for children and adults.  It is oriented toward accomplishing ongoing projects that feature lessons, workshops and exercises based upon relationships between specific bioregional features and human economic, social and […]