Ramon Cedeño Loor

Ramon Cedeno Loor became the new Bioregional Education Manager after Valentina left. Ramon is a teacher and has been volunteering with Planet Drum for several months. He lives in the Maria Auxiliadora neighborhood and completed the 2006 Introductory classes in early 2007. In May of 2007 Ramon began a new series of Introductory classes, and in October he initiated an Advanced class. During 2007 he sent 21 reports—3 for the 2006 Introductory series final classes, 10 for the new Introductory classes and 8 for the Advanced Bioregional Education classes. (The school year in Ecuador runs from May/June until September, and then again from October until January. From late January to late May there are no classes.) The reports were translated from Spanish by Clay Plager-Unger, Planet Drum's Field Projects Manager.

2011 Bioregional Education Class: All Photographs

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | August 19, 2011

Orlando goes over class materials with a group of students from the Montufar school.  Photo by Clay Plager-Unger. Ramon teaching from the Bioregionismo booklet.  Photo by Clay Plager-Unger. Michelle Jensen, a Planet Drum volunteer, participates in a class with the Montufar group.  Photo by Clay Plager-Unger. Margarita and her class assistant Abraham leading their Bioregionalismo students from the Genesis School. In the background, a large group of tricicleros […]

2011 Bioregional Education Class: Final Report & Program Overview – Ramon

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | August 19, 2011

Ramon Cedeño LoorDirector, Bioregional Education ProgramPlanet Drum FoundationBioregionalism Final Report 2011 & Program Overview – English(Click here for Spanish/Español) The Bioregional Education Program, now 6 years old, is one of the most important initiatives that have been implemented in Bahía de Caráquez, the first Ecological City in Ecuador. The program works with different educational institutions and over the years the youth that participates has developed a strengthened […]

2011 Bioregional Education Class: July Report – Ramon

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | July 15, 2011

Ramon CedeñoDirector, Bioregional Education ProgramPlanet Drum Foundation‘Soil’ Report #2, 2011 – English(Click here for Spanish/Español) Before beginning, allow me to observe how the students always run around and play in the park before class begins. The students who get to the park earliest run to greet and hug us when we arrive to the park. This week’s theme was ‘Soil’, but we started off by reviewing what […]

2011 Bioregional Education Class: May Report – Ramon

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | May 30, 2011

Ramon CedeñoDirector, Bioregional Education ProgramPlanet Drum FoundationBioregionalismo Report #1, 2011 – English(Click here for Spanish/Español) Photos below. Another year of Bioregionalismo class commences. This year we are working with three educational institutions: the girls school Juan Pio Montúfar, Genesis high school, and the national high school Fanny de Baird, with whom we worked last year. There are three new class assistants, two students from last year: Noemi […]

2010 Bioregional Education Class: Final Report – Ramon

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | December 13, 2010

Professor – Group A: Ramón CedeñoPlanet Drum FoundationBioregional Education ProgramFinal Reports-English(Click here for Spanish/Español) photos below. 2010 At this stage, we were visited by William and Jaime, two volunteers who participated in the last three bioregional education programs. The first thing I did was present them, one at a time, to the group of bio-regional explorers.  Afterwards we started class with a new topic: the estuary. The […]

2010 Bioregional Education: Photos – Closing Ceremony

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | December 13, 2010

Photographs of Closing Ceremony Note: Click on photos for larger image Bioregionalismo kids hanging out during the final class celebration. Shirley presents to the other kids about what she learned during the program.  The children present to each other about their favorite parts of the classes. The kids get to play on the beach for the afternoon. The different groups join up for a big game […]