Beehive Capture in Leonidas Plaza

Ricardo’s cousin contacted him about removing a beehive from a piece of land in Leonidas Plaza where he was clearing brush. After an inspection, it appeared possible to capture the hive and transfer it to Ricardo’s farm.
The hive was located in a cement tube, which was partially buried in the dirt. Over the course of two days, we cleared the brush covering the hive, dug out the ends of the cement tube, and extracted the hive. The hive was transferred to a sealed bee box, and we delivered the box to Ricardo’s farm, where we have 3 other hives situated.
In the process, we were able to harvest 1 liter of honey.

Clay and Ricardo install the captured hive at Ricardo’s farm. Photo: Felix Kindermann
Jars of honey collected during the capture. Photo: Clay Plager-Unger
Ricardo smokes out the hive. Photo: Clay Plager-Unger
Clay with two buckets full of honeycomb and bees. Photo: Ricardo Lopez
Transferring the hive to a bee box. Photo: Ricardo Lopez
Pieces of the hive are tied to wooden frames, which fit into the bee box. Photo: Ricardo Lopez

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