Bellavista: Seedbeds and Composting

The revegetation work in Bellavista continues to strengthen community participation by involving local residents in all phases of tree production and planting. In the process, we are teaching residents about compost production and also lending them a hand with their own new community gardening initiative.
The latest development in Bellavista is that we have built a new elevated seedbed at Laura’s house. Background: Laura is Papito’s daughter. Planet Drum helped Papito repair his home with assistance from the Children of Ecuador Foundation in 2013 ( When the 2016 earthquake hit, the repaired portion of Papito’s house prevented the rest of the structure from collapsing outright. After the 2016 earthquake, Planet Drum along with help from Nicolas, a volunteer from France, participated in repairing the damages to Papito’s house. Although Papito passed away at the end of 2016 at 90(?) years old, he was able to witness the full rebuilding of his house and his family continues to live there.

Claudia, Laura, Orlando, and Francois building an elevated seedbed at Laura’s house in Bellavista.

Now Laura is making compost in her backyard and has a new elevated seedbed in her front yard for growing plants and trees.
Another resident in Bellavista, Martha, is excited about the prospects of making a community garden. With Planet Drum’s assistance, she is already producing compost for soil. Planet Drum built a container for compost production near Martha’s house and recently helped her bag her first sack of finished compost!

Martha watches as Orlando, Francois, and Claudia collect the first sack of finished compost from the compost pile that Planet Drum helped build near Martha’s house in Bellavista.

Trees were planted with Anthony, a volunteer from France, in November to stabilize the hillside where the garden will be.

Once more compost is produced, we will be able to help Martha and her friends begin their community garden!

Photos by Clay Plager-Unger.

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