Bioregional Education at Los Algarrobos School

Planet Drum volunteers Mikaela and Alisa teach students at Los Algarrobos School about identifying the characteristics of their bioregion.

Planet Drum has prepared new bioregional education material. The classic workbook introduction to bioregions by identifying native plants, animals, climate and human activities and then drawing them in a bioregional map has been adapted to suit Ecuadorian school children. They enjoy the mapping project and it has become a fun activity for them.

We visited Los Algarrobos School in Canoa to teach two classes (6th and 7th grade) there about bioregions. The students enjoyed learning about the ecosystems in their bioregion and were quick to name native plants, animals, and human impacts.

A student draws a map of her bioregion.
Rosa shows off her drawing.
Pavel puts the finishing touches on his bioregional map.
Pavel shows off his bioregional map.
Alisa helps students as they draw.
A student draws a map of his bioregion.

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