Bioregional Education course started for seven kids.

Valentina Carminati, Field Bioregional Education Manager
Planet Drum Foundation
Report, June 12-19, 2006

Today the Bioregional Education course started and Cheo kindly was helping me. 
Unfortunately only seven students turned up. I knew the main problem was going to be the lack of kids but I don’t want to put myself down yet.

First of all the students introduced themselves (name, age, and institution). Six of them are from Colegio Eloy Alfaro, Laura is from Unidad Educativa Genesis and nobody came from Colegio Interamericano. I must say they are all very sweet and polite. 

Subsequently I explained them that in this first lesson we were going to study the meaning of Bioregionalism since it’s the main topic of the course. I asked a boy to start reading the essay about Bioregionalism (from Peter Berg) and almost all of them read a part of it. Some of the most complex terms were underlined (e.g. bioregion, biosphere, social development, climate..) and together we tried to make up the meaning of each one. I wanted them to use their knowledge and imagination too before giving them the correct definition. I asked many questions with reference to the essay and I observed that they felt free to say their opinions without being afraid of failing. The students seemed excited and they actively participated to the lesson. At the end of the two hours I offered little presents to the boys and girls who gave the best explanations.

On Wednesday we are going to solve a Bioregional crossword (which I have already prepared) so they can review the words learnt today. 

I just hope more students will turn up.

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