Bioregional Education Workshops

Bioregional education workshops at the Planet Drum greenhouse teach the importance of forest conservation and practical information about how to restore this threatened ecosystem. Participants engage in hands on activities related to tree production and revegetation.

In recent months, Planet Drum hosted workshops at the greenhouse for school groups from Los Algarrobos School (Canoa) and the Eloy Alfaro School (Bahía). Planet Drum has worked with Los Algarrobos School for years, but this was their first opportunity to make the trip from Canoa to visit our greenhouse. They came in a big group with their teachers and parents.

Students, teachers and parents from Los Algarrobos School visit the Planet Drum greenhouse for a bioregional education workshop.

The students from the Eloy Alfaro School are part of the Bahía Eco-Club group, which is building a new greenhouse facility and recycling center at their school. The students came to see a fully operational greenhouse and get ideas for the greenhouse they are constructing.

Bahía Eco-Club students sift compost.
Marcelo, the Bahía Eco-Club Program Director, takes a group of students from the Eloy Alfaro School on a tour of the Planet Drum greenhouse.

While at the greenhouse, students in both groups learned about Planet Drum’s revegetation project and participated in greenhouse activities such as preparing soil and transplanting seedlings. The workshops were educational and enjoyable; both groups expressed interest in returning in the future.

Eloy Alfaro School students help organize trees during the bioregional education workshop at the Planet Drum greenhouse.
A student waters trees at the greenhouse.

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