Building a New Seedbed at the Greenhouse

To increase tree production capacity, we built a fourth elevated seedbed at the greenhouse. Planet Drum volunteers Mary Lou, Camile, Julia, Emile and Dirk all helped with the construction.
Bamboo pieces were cut to length, and some were split in half lengthwise. Holes were dug in the ground for the supporting posts. The bottom of elevated seedbed is made of split pieces of bamboo laid side by side. Dry leaves are layered in first so that the soil won’t spill through the gaps between the bamboo. Freshly mixed soil is then layered on top of the leaves and watered. Everyone pitched in with the work.
A couple of days later, the seedbed was planted with a variety of seeds that had been collected, prepared, and soaked in water for 24-72 hours. Seeds planted included Algarrobo, Guachapeli, Cascol, and Tamarind.

Emilee and Dirk dug holes and then buried the four support pieces in the ground.
Julia plants seeds in the newly constructed elevated seedbed.
Mary Lou and Julia hold the bamboo steady while Camile cuts off a piece which will be used for one of the four supports.

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