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The Reinhabitory Theater

By Judy Goldhaft | January 4, 2023

The 1970s were a time of reevaluating social values and considering appropriate modes for long term existence in particular life-places (bioregions.) In California, the first peoples had dynamic interactive relationships with all aspects of the ecology; Europeans brought industrial ecological exploitation for gold and other “resources.” As people began redicovering non-industrial ways to relate to each other and the places they lived, reinhabitory considerations emerged. […]

Shasta Bioregional Gathering VI (proposed: Sacramento Valley)

By Planet Drum Staff | May 17, 2000

Location: (Proposed for) Sierra Nevada Foothills, Sacramento Valley Bioregion and/or Putah-Cache subregion. Proposed Issues to be addressed: Correspondences Regarding Prospective Organizing Committee Members: Timothy McClure (The Eden Project); Glen Ellen, October, 1997.Expressed interest in organizing the next Bioregional Gathering along with a North Coast Bioregion Gathering, and that he had a clear vision of what the next gathering would look like. In March 1998, in […]

Shasta Bioregional Gathering VI—Letter 3

By Jerry Martien | May 17, 2000

Shasta Bioregional Gathering VI—Letter 2

By Jerry Martien | January 4, 2000

Shasta Bioregional Gathering VI—Letter 1

By Jerry Martien | August 28, 1999

Bay Area Permaculture Guild: Shasta Bioregional Gathering 5

By Planet Drum Staff | December 1, 1997