Highlights From the SBG Gathering

            This year’s Shasta Bioregional Gathering provided a chance for long-time bioregional activists to assemble and a platform on which young enthusiasts could express their ideas. The featured events were a vital mix of the practical and the spiritual, emphasizing the fact that it will take a great deal of physical,  mental and emotional work to restore the health of Shasta Bioregion.

            The panels and workshops contributed to the mood of the occasion. The creative energy, expressed through dance, poetry, story-telling, theater, and music, strengthened the spirits of all in attendance. Most importantly, the Gathering’s restoration theme resonated the importance of balance and understanding, a need for truth and a desire to fix the things that are wrong with our patterns of living.

            This event was highly inspiring. The fact that several hundred people came together to lend their best efforts in support of bioregional health affirms that our devotion to place is worthwhile, and, as Freeman House says, “the work is its own reward.”

            The following pages provide only a glimpse of the variety of presentations throughout the four-day event. If you want to know more about this annual event, contact the Planet Drum Foundation. Be sure not to miss out next year!

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