Peter Berg

Painter Hiroshi Yoshida’s Bioregional Perception of Place

By Peter Berg | March 15, 2005

Natural places are alike in that they have similar basic elements. They are conditioned by climate and weather, shaped by land forms and water catchement basins, possess soils and other geological characteristics, host native plants and animals, and have human populations with cultures that adapt to these natural features. The combination of these elements is a bioregional template. What makes places different from each other […]

Eco-Bahia Becomes an Adult at the Age of Six

By Peter Berg | February 23, 2005

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador On the day of the sixth anniversary of its Ecological City Declaration, Bahia de Caraquez flashed bright signals of evolving its truly own version of urban sustainability. It was eco-semana (ecology week) with events in vernacular earmarks such as a night-time Carnaval pregon (parade) with some marchers painted as earth features and animals, a cleanup of Rio Chone beach, a tour […]

Update on Eco Ecuador Project by Peter Berg

By Peter Berg | November 29, 2004

November 29, 2004 Dear Friend of Planet Drum Foundation, Thanks for the generous support from those who responded to our recent mailing. We are glad to say that things are moving along very well toward reorganizing Planet Drum. Preparation of a Strategic Plan for completion by February is already underway. New members are being added to the Board of Directors, and we are building both […]

Japan Dispatches, 2004

By Peter Berg | October 20, 2004

Peter and Judy returned to Japan on the Autumnal Equinox 2004. Soon after, we started receiving dispatches from this journey. Ecology leader and Planet Drum Foundation Board Member Kimiharu To acted as networker supreme as well as guide and interpreter for travels & presentations. Dispatch #1, A Prescription for Japan’s Cities, Sept. 26, 2004. A discussion about urban problems and examples of a workshop/presentation and proactive […]

The Bioregional Approach for Making Sustainable Cities

By Peter Berg | October 1, 2004

This article discusses sustainable cities’ foundation in ecology and includes a guide for starting the transition to achieve bioregional sustainability in any city. There is a section with examples from Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador. [Originally published in Urban Green Tech, (Tokyo) 2004] Introduction There is an undeniable and urgent new reality concerning the relationship between human beings and our planet. We have become aware that […]

A Re-birth of Ecologics

By Peter Berg | June 30, 2004

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador  Although economic thought is largely devoted to a seemingly unlimited array of activities and events surrounding production, distribution and consumption of goods, these are rarely seen as being nested in an ecological context. Most rational people concede that our well-being and ultimate survival as a species depends on sustaining interdependence and harmony with natural forces of life. Older environmental problems of pollution […]