Peter Berg

How a Day Passes Here

By Peter Berg | June 28, 2004

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador  It is tempting to dwell on the difficulties of pioneering dry tropical forest revegetation because the obstacles and challenges are a kind of earth news. Reporting them is a way to spread the whys and hows of carrying out work that is urgently necessary but involves truly arduous effort. There is a high spirit of creativity that goes along with it that […]

Seeing the Future in the Past, Again

By Peter Berg | June 26, 2004

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador  The chronological record for Greece that exists in Herodotus’ History beginning with the Trojan War is missing for coastal Ecuador. There was a similarly rich culture here in the same era but we don’t know its sagas. The archeological traces of ruins themselves are only partially explored here.  It was a complex world but in a different way from the Greeks judging […]

Close Call, Solemn Solstice

By Peter Berg | June 23, 2004

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador  Burro droppings and a partially gnawed algarrobo sapling. These powerful auguries must have been left just after we left the day before. They were in a planting site that although begun during the rainy season we had only now started to dig the first postholes for a protective fence. Renee and Bevan saw these signs of potential disaster when they luckily […]

The Next Five Years Begin on a Dry Note

By Peter Berg | June 19, 2004

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador Yellow squares of rice drying in front yards seen from the bus window on the six-hour ride out to Bahia from Guayaquil seemed a little early. It was the most sparse & peculiar rainy season since the Eco-city Declaration five years ago. Starting late in January, it gave up February and stayed truant another two months after that. Rain came again in May […]

Learning to Partner with a Life-Place

By Peter Berg | June 12, 2004

Learning to Partner With a Life-Place is the outline of a first year bioregional curriculum. It was first published June 12, 2004 as Dispatch #1 from Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador.  On a fog-wet spring morning in San Francisco, our unusual urban group climbed to the top of a rock promontory midway along a canyon trail to   get a clear view of the standout feature in […]

Ecuador Project Reports: Brian Teinert, Jan.–Mar. 2004

By Brian Teinert | March 27, 2004

Brian TeinertField Project Manager Planet Drum Foundation January 5, 2004 Reneé Portanova will undoubtedly be a great member of our team.  We have been in contact and I am looking forward to her arrival in Bahia on January 19th.    I am excited about Natalie Pollard coming as well.  At the moment, we have 3 volunteers lined up for February (Natalie, Renee, and Debbie.)  We also […]