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2011 Bioregional Education Class: May Report – Ramon

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | May 30, 2011

Ramon CedeñoDirector, Bioregional Education ProgramPlanet Drum FoundationBioregionalismo Report #1, 2011 – English(Click here for Spanish/Español) Photos below. Another year of Bioregionalismo class commences. This year we are working with three educational institutions: the girls school Juan Pio Montúfar, Genesis high school, and the national high school Fanny de Baird, with whom we worked last year. There are three new class assistants, two students from last year: Noemi […]

2010 Bioregional Education Class: Final Report – Ramon

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | December 13, 2010

Professor – Group A: Ramón CedeñoPlanet Drum FoundationBioregional Education ProgramFinal Reports-English(Click here for Spanish/Español) photos below. 2010 At this stage, we were visited by William and Jaime, two volunteers who participated in the last three bioregional education programs. The first thing I did was present them, one at a time, to the group of bio-regional explorers.  Afterwards we started class with a new topic: the estuary. The […]

2010 Bioregional Education Class: Final Report – Margarita

By Margarita Plager-Unger | December 13, 2010

Group C Professor: Margarita Avila [aka Plager-Unger]Planet Drum FoundationBioregional Education ProgramFinal Reports 2010 – English(Click here for Spanish/Español) Photos below. Report # 5Topic: Land Ecosystems Today I explained how animal and plant life develops and explained how humans are included in this cycle. It is the most practical way of learning more of about land ecosystems. We talked about the most important topics: habitat, forests, fauna […]

2010 Bioregional Education Class: Midterm Report – Margarita

By Margarita Plager-Unger | July 6, 2010

Midterm reports – English(Click here for Spanish/Español)Group C, Margarita Plager-Unger Photos below. May 12th, 2010Theme – Bioregions The first day was a new experience for everyone. On the faces of the children I could see curiosity, happiness and uneasiness because many did not know what bioregionalism is or why they were there. One student immediately grabbed my attention, Bombila. He was very angry with all the other […]

2010 Bioregional Education Class: Midterm Report – Ramon

By Ramon Cedeño Loor | July 6, 2010

Ramon CedeñoProfessor – Group ABioregional Education ProgramPlanet Drum Foundation Midterm Report – English(Click here for Spanish/Español)July 6th, 2010 We have now begun the classes with new teachers and class assistants. It’s normal for everyone to see the many happy faces of young students, who are part of the change that we want. It’s beautiful to see so many boys and girls. This year has exceeded our […]

2010: Overview of Bioregional Education Program Format

By Clay Plager-Unger | May 26, 2010

Bioregional Education Program 2010 Planet Drum Foundation’s Bioregional Education Program for 2010 consists of a 12 week program for 11-13 year old local school students of the Bahía de Caráquez bioregion. Classes meet twice weekly in the afternoons and are voluntary, the students choose to participate in the program during their free time. The first day of classes this year was May 11th. On Wednesdays, […]