Catholic University Destruction/Construction Update

The Catholic University in Km. 8, where the main Planet Drum greenhouse has been located for the past thirteen years, is in the process of demolishing one half of the university’s building infrastructure. Simultaneously they are doing renovations on the other half and building entirely new structures for classrooms on top of the area that was previously used for Planet Drum’s greenhouse.
While this is happening, Planet Drum is relocating it’s greenhouse to a new area (on the other side of the soccer field).
Here are some pictures on the progress…

Site of the new buildings that are under construction. Portions of the old Planet Drum greenhouse are still visible in the background.
Demolition crews at the Catholic University tear down a portion of the building next to the Planet Drum greenhouse.
The building on the left will be demolished. The one of the right will be renovated.
Planet Drum’s old greenhouse is full of debris and rubble from the demolition and construction work.
Field Foreman Orlando works on rebuilding the greenhouse in its new location.

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