Civil Defense Force to cooperate with Planet Drum to plant 150 trees.

May 2 to May 8, 2005

The climate has been changing already – more breeze and cooler nights, and no sunsets. 

This week we planted and cleared at Inter-Americano and the Cherry Tree site. The school children at the Inter-Americano should soon begin to water twice weekly. We also began planting the new site, which will be called Hidalgo, the owner’s last name. He says he will water the trees himself.  We transplanted more Colorados and continued turning the compost pile.

The Civil Defense Force would like to cooperate with Planet Drum to plant 150 trees along the road from km 8 going into Bahia. They want Guachapeli and Samango, which is good because we have a lot of those and they are good fast growing shade trees. 

Our new volunteer from Canada, Carley, arrived Wednesday night and is settling in quite well, in spite of not knowing any Spanish upon her arrival. She is learning fast and studying daily!  Blas, Jaime and Cheo each helped out a day. Riccardo came through and left for England on Sunday. He is thinking of coming back for part of the Bioregional Education Program.

We are still doing quite well with publicity, thanks to “Cronica”, the week night talk show. We don’t even have to be there and they talk about us!  This week Blas went on talking about how it is to volunteer with us, and also about the new education program. I attended the BEP informational meeting on Wednesday but I’m sure Kristen’s filling you in on that so I won’t go into details.

I got to organize the electronic seed bank information and will soon determine the next steps to take with that project.

We got a lot done around the house this week – fixing toilets, a new (old) oven, screens (thanks to Kristen’s dad) and working on flowerbeds. It looks like the toilet in the front bedroom may need to be completely replaced according to one of the plumber’s who came to look at it.

More later!


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