Community Tree Planting: Ciudadela Caran

Our friend Yocasta reached out to me again about planting more trees with community residents, this time with the Caran neighborhood, which is located in Leonidas Plaza. At first only a few residents came out to help us for tree planting, but little by little more and more showed up. Some helped dig holes and plant trees, others offered advice. A few took trees to plant at their homes. Volunteers helped distribute and plant trees both along a water drainage ditch and at residents’ homes. By the end of the afternoon a large group of children and adults were participating in the work and having a good time.

Emilee plants a tree with neighborhood children.
Mary Lou cuts open a plastic tree bottle while Dirk digs a hole.
By the end of the afternoon Emile and Camile both had large groups of children helping them plant trees.
Dirk digs a hole in the Ciudadela Caran neighborhood.

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