Community Tree Planting: San Roque

I bumped into an old friend, Acurio, who lives in the San Roque neighborhood on the hillside above Bahía. He planted some Planet Drum trees at his house about ten years ago and asked if he could have some more. I offered to take a batch of trees to his neighborhood and to plant trees with him and his neighbors.
A few days later, with the Planet Drum volunteers, we carried 40 trees, soil, and tools up the stairs going to Acurio’s house. Several neighbors expressed interest in planting trees in their yards, and we split into groups.
During the afternoon we planted trees at a half dozen different households. Some neighbors took trees to plant on their own.
Towards the end of the afternoon I asked Acurio how the trees from 10 years ago were doing and he pointed up to the tree that was shading his house, a 10 meter tall Algarrobo. He also had a smaller Chirimoya growing next to his house.

Planet Drum volunteers Julia, Felix, and Brittany planting trees with Acurio in his backyard.
View of the sun setting from the San Roque hillside.
Felix digs a hole for planting a tree in the San Roque neighborhood.
Brett plants a tree on the hillside in San Roque with a local resident.

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