Community Tree Planting Workshop: Ciudadela Maria Enrique Orrantia

At Yocasta’s suggestion, we delivered a batch of 40 native fruit-producing trees to a local community housing project in Leonidas Plaza, Ciudadela Maria Enrique Orrantia, that was built for earthquake refugees.
There was a barren hillside in the middle of the community that was an ideal location for revegetation. Additionally, residents took trees to plant in their patios and backyards.

Planet Drum volunteers and local residents planting native fruit-producing trees.
Tree planting in Ciudadela Maria Enrique Orrantia.

Approximately thirty local residents including a handful of children assisted with the tree planting, which took the better part of an afternoon to complete.

Community members also received trees for planting at their homes.
Planet Drum volunteer Camile plants a tree with help from the local kids.

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