Cordillera Del Bálsamo: Apiculture Project

Planet Drum volunteers along with Ricardo and project technician Gina visit with bee-keepers at a farm 40 minutes from Bahía in a small community called Menos Pensado.

As a member of the Cordillera del Bálsamo biological corridor, Planet Drum will be participating with fellow member, local landowner and long-time Planet Drum revegetation partner, Ricardo Lopez, to implement a bee-keeping project to boost local pollinator populations and generate honey production. The project will be funded in part by the United Nations Development Fund Small Grants Programme.

A local bee-keeping expert shows off one of the panels from a beehive.

In the first stage of the project, we are socializing with local bee-keepers, identifying regional suppliers of equipment, surveying sites for bee-keeping on Ricardo’s farm, and participating in events organized by United Nations Development Fund coordinators.

Ricardo and Clay attend a “Products with Regional Identity” workshop hosted by UN Small Grants cordinators.

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