Due to all the help, we were able to accomplish more.

March 15th to 20th, 2005

We are doing fine according to our timeline. The Dairy Farm site was planted three times this week with the help of Carlos Franco (son), Andrea (Renée’s friend), two traveling volunteers from Quito, and two workers from Bella Vista who came because of the meeting I had with the Municipio’s agronomist working on the Bella Vista model community project. That afternoon, we told them we needed help, and the next day two youngsters came knocking at our door at 7AM!

Due to all the help, we were able to accomplish more than expected this week. A local young man, Blas who was painted as a cheetah for the Eco-week parade, also helped out in the greenhouse. It needed some maintenance as farm animals were breaking in, so we fixed the back wall. We cleared out a few more plant beds, and began transplanting the cedro (cedar) saplings. The transfers look good so far, and trees both in the greenhouse and in the field have been perking up with the rains we’ve been having. 

We finished clearing the University site, and also cleared Cherry Tree and both Jorge Lomas sites. Inter-Americano Colegio has been cleared by the school staff. Endara Farm site needed no clearing as it is pretty bare.

Vladir says the water heater Riccardo installed at the Genesis School as a Planet Drum model project is working out well so far.

I finally saw Cerro Seco Reserva this weekend. Apparently it’s closed for a few months because lots of animals, especially birds, are reproducing at this time. The trails were in pretty good shape nonetheless.  

Kristen Lansdale is coming this week to check things out and meet and discuss our new Bioregional Education Program with Renée before she leaves.

That’s all for now!

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