Escuela Los Algarrobos Collaboration

The Algarrobos School principal Antonia shows off a Planet Drum Pechiche tree planted at the school during a workshop in November, 2014!

One of the schools in the region that has participated in Planet Drum’s revegetation activities over the years is the Los Algarrobos School in Canoa. In the past, we always talked about increasing collaboration with them. Now the opportunity has presented itself and after discussing possibilities with Antonia, the school’s principle, we decided to build elevated seedbeds there to further involve the students in the revegetation process and create an opportunity for ecological service learning.

Teacher Enrique reviews the “Cycle of the Fruit” handout with 6th grade students at the Algarrobos School in Canoa.

On December 15th, we hosted an education workshop with the students with the “Cycle of the Fruit” handout. The same morning, the students watched as we built two elevated seedbeds at the school. One will be for trees, and the other for short-cycle crops.

Orlando waters the soil in the new seedbed in preparation for planting seeds with the students.
Orlando and Claudia constructing two new elevated seedbeds at the Algarrobos School.

A week later, we returned to the school to plant seeds (trees and crops) in the new seedbeds with a group of students. The idea is to guide the children through the process of growing their own trees and plants. The success of the activity will depend on their collaboration collecting and preparing seeds; planting; watering; and transplanting. So far, both the children and school administration are motivated to participate.

Students plant Basil and Watermelon seeds at the Algarrobos School.
In the seedbed for trees, students plant Mandarina, Orange, and Papaya seeds which they collected at home.

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