February 2017 Update

The rains continued falling…

Planet Drum planted a new 2017 revegetation site at the Bosque Verde ecological reserve where it has been planting trees since 2005.

Heather Crawford (Planet Drum Project Manager 2005-06) returned to visit Bahía and the projects. While here she got to plant trees at Bosque Verde, one of the areas where she worked twelve years ago!

Heather planting trees at the Bosque Verde ecological reserve.
Jackson and Damian revegetate Bosque Verde.

February 23rd marks the 18th anniversary of the declaration of Bahía de Caráquez as an ecological city. The destruction from the earthquake last year provided an enormous challenge for ecological work and initiatives. Regardless, Bahía remains proud of its ecological declaration and despite the difficult conditions, a small anniversary celebration and open house were held to commemorate this day. Planet Drum was present, as it has been every year, to provide tree donations and ecological advice to city residents.

Orlando and volunteers at the Planet Drum stand during the 18th anniversary open house for Bahía Eco-city.
Local residents received trees donations during the event.

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