Feeding Algarobo seeds to Ricardito’s pigs, to see if they will germinate in the fertilizer.

August 27-31, 2007

Summary: This week was still somewhat low on staff and it was a bit of a struggle to cover the watering of the sites, but we were able to take care of them, and even had some time to work in the greenhouse.

On Monday compost was picked up from our friend Don Luis Dueñas and taken to the greenhouse, where we watered the plants. From there we went to Maria Dolores and Don Pepe to water those sites.     

On Tuesday there were some extra hands from a couple of friends who were passing through Bahia. We went to the greenhouse and collected Algarobo seeds, and will try feeding them to Ricardito’s pigs to see if they will germinate in the fertilizer. Ceibo seeds that I collected last week were planted in a new seedbed. 

We also moved some of the Lucaena trees onto bricks to avoid having their roots continue to grow into the ground. 

Some weeding was accomplished, and Andy finished work on the storage bin. 

Watering El Toro, took the whole morning Wednesday because there were only three people.     

Thursday we watered La Cruz and Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas.

Bosque Encantado was watered Friday with the help of our friends Cheo, Marcelito, and Blas. From there we went to the greenhouse to water the plants for the weekend.         

September is looking slow for volunteers as well, so hopefully help will continue to come from our Ecuadorian friends.

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