Greenhouse Composting Toilet

Volunteers Nico and Kate helped construct a composting toilet with recycled wood. The design is a simple wood box, open on the bottom, with a toilet seat on top.

At the Planet Drum house, Nico and Kate construct a wooden box for a composting toilet.

In the woods near the greenhouse, Orlando and three other volunteers (Laura, Peter, and another Kate) dug a hole approximately 4 ft deep and 2 feet wide in the ground and the wood box placed on top.

Volunteers take turns digging a deep hole for the toilet.

And just like that the composting toilet was installed! Saw dust is added with each deposit and as the hole is filled over time, it will produce a rich soil. Once the hole is mostly full, the toilet can be moved to a new location and a tree will be planted on top of the hole after a few months. The toilet will have a natural privacy wall installed in the near future.

The completed composting toilet ready for an inauguration.

Human “waste” can easily be converted into a resource!

Photos and text by Clay Plager-Unger.

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