Greenhouse inventory.

November 26-30, 2007 

This week it was time to say goodbye to the November crew and hello to the new December volunteers.  On Monday Dewey left, and on Tuesday Lilian, Michele and Matt departed.  Thanks for all of the help!

Monday, with a somewhat reduced workforce due to volunteer traveling, we were only able to knock out watering the Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas and La Cruz revegetation sites. 

On Tuesday the volunteer numbers were bolstered briefly enabling the group to split into two. The El Toro and Bosque Encantado sites, and the greenhouse were watered and then more trails were opened at the new site.  That afternoon Caroline from Indiana showed up.

Wednesday morning extensive trail maintenance was done at the Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas park.  The Moyuyo-stake stairs throughout the park were cleaned up and repaired.  There was a fair amount of wear and tear on the stairs and it took all day to do the repairs.

Thursday the Maria Dolores and Don Pepe sites were watered. While in the area we finished the barbwire fence at Don Pepe 2.  

Others went to the greenhouse to water and begin an inventory of the plants so that sites for the upcoming planting season can be laid out with specific locations for trees of specific species.  Weeding and bottle preparation was also accomplished.On Friday the fence at the Nuevo Globo site was finished.   
At the greenhouse, more of the taller trees were moved to the extension to free up space.  The plant inventory was completed, the results are below.  And finally, more three-liter bottles were prepared with soil and baby Balsamo, Cedro, Caoba and Dormilon trees were transplanted.  That afternoon we said goodbye to Darline (though she’ll be rejoining us after a week) Aaron and Marcus.  Happy travels!

We are now in a bit of a lull period, waiting for more of the December folks to show up.  There are only two volunteers presently.  Efforts will be focused on watering this year’s trees and maintenance in the greenhouse, while site preparation for next year’s trees will have to be put on hold for about a week.

Greenhouse Inventory

Fernan Sanchez7

Here is the greenhouse inventory. I think we are going to have to ‘sacrifice’ the Samango trees and and Lucaena because they are non-native.  I don’t know how the Lucaena got in the greenhouse, it was there when I arrived.  The Samango was my mistake, I didn’t learn that it is an introduced species until somewhat recently.  Also, the numbers aren’t totally up to date because we’ve been doing some transplanting since the inventory was taken.

I am planning on getting a truckload of Cedro, Balsamo(!!!), and Caoba from Baron delivered from Jama at the beginning of January.  With some luck, this will bolster our number by 500 (or so?).


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